Find a used car that you like

First of all, just try to search the used cars in AutoMarche.
You can get used car information and support you to consider what kind of car will you buy.
You can get market trends as well.
After you decide what kind of used car you buy, you should set your budget for buying a used car.



Contact to seller

Before you contact to seller, you should consider the questions about the used car.
AutoMarche doesn't show all of the detailed information about the used car on the website.

Sample of questions are as below;
Are you the first owner of this car? May I know how many owners have used this car before?
The car has been damaged before?

If the car price is lower than another car on the website, you can suspect damage or some problem.
You can ask the reason for the price as well.

If you can't get a good enough answer from the seller or the seller says "I don't know, I'm not sure, I don't have", please ask the seller to see the used car.



Check the condition of the car

When you buy a used car, the most important thing is the condition of the car.
However, it is difficult, if you don't have the experience checking the used car.
In such a case, please see Auto Marche's evaluation report.
The assessor in AutoMarche checked and evaluate the used car condition.
If you would like us to assess an unassessed car, please contact us. Contact Us



Check ownership of the car

You should ask the seller to show ownership of the car.
Normally there is an owner manual and owner's booklet for all of the cars.
When you check the owner booklet, you can check owner's name is matched with the seller.
If names are different between the owner booklet and seller, you should check ownership transfer documents.
Then you can identify how many owners used this car before.



Must test drive

To avoid any problem, trouble, and accident, you should know the car's condition.
Even though you don't have the experience of checking the used car, you should try a test drive for the actual car.
Is there noise from the engine or vibration? How heavy is the handle? Can you open the window? How was the feeling of break?
If you find uncomfortable feelings, you should ask the seller about issues.



Price of the used car

The selling price is set by the seller.
Please discuss the final selling price.
If you found some problem with the car, you should inform the seller who repair the car?
And you can negotiate the selling price or repairing the car before buying.

Seller may ask you to pass a deposit for buying a car.
So you need to arrange payment some of the percentages of the buying price.



Check documents-payment

You should check the necessary documents for ownership transfer before signing the agreement used car.
All documents must be correct and fill out completely before taking over.
You can check what kind of documents you need for ownership transfer in the FAQ. FAQ

There is a function to make agreements in AutoMarche.
If the seller sets an agreement in AutoMarche, the buyer can see documents before selling and doesn't need to fill out an agreement at the time of buying used car.

You can ask the seller to use the agreement function in AutoMarche.


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